World Water Day 2023

What’s good y’all! World Water Day was yesterday, March 22nd and the Be the Change campaign encourages people to take action to contribute to the water and sanitation crisis globally. Let’s get into it.

World Water Day is an initiative by the United Nations. Most notably, this initiative and campaign aligns with SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) number six. SDG 6 is to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by the year 2030. This also includes hygiene because well that also requires water.

World Water Day and this year’s Be the Change campaign comes from the global target goals many countries have agreed upon to help fight climate change. This year the campaign asks people, mainly individuals, to take more actions to help reach the goals by 2030. Some actions include taking shorter showers, create a rain garden, help cleanup local water ways, and so forth. What’s also unique about this years campaign is the Water Action Agenda that will come from the 2023 UN Water Conference (March 22-24). A conference that hasn’t happened in nearly 50 years! The Water Action Agenda is will be the result of the collection of voluntary commitments by individual people and many different types of organizations.

Every single human being needs water and is affected by the state of their local water supply, good or bad. There is a huge majority of the population who do not have easy access to water or access to clean water which causes a huge disparity between those who suffer and those who “don’t have to worry.” Let’s do our part so everyone can benefit from access to clean local water!


World Water Day


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