Head Above Water: Simone Manuel Review

What’s good y’all! Simone Manuel released a short documentary in partnership with Togethxr today. The film stars Simone telling her story and her ups and downs within the swim world. There is a huge focus around her journey to the Olympics especially Tokyo. From being diagnosed with a rare condition, to feeling like she had to represent the entire black community and struggling with her mental health along the way.

I loved watching this documentary mainly because documentaries are my favorite genre of film. But also because Simone has accomplished so much within the swimming world, NOT JUST as a black woman but as an athlete period. She lists a bunch of her accomplishments to give that back story if you will because I highly doubt that a lot of people who watch swimming in the Olympics (if they’re not just looking at recaps) watch the other major swimming events. This young woman has accomplished so much, put some respect on her name! She deserves to be treated like all the other elite athletes that have won gold metals and the titles that come along with it!

The film is only about sixteen minutes long and I highly recommend watching it. You can watch the video here!

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