A curation of resources for/about black swimmers

This list is NOT an endorsement for anybody or any organization.

Swim Instructors/ Coaches

Tazaria Cacho – Mobile Swim Training

Shana Lorde – Let Us Swim

Jim Ellis – PDR Swimming

Noelle Singleton – Afroswimmers

Tracey – The Swim Coach

Nicholas Askew – Howard Swimming and Diving

Danny Prear – Mighty Krocs

Nadine Ford – Mahogany Mermaids

Rhonda Harper – Black Girls Surf

Malachi and Olivia Cunningham

Adrienne Wesley – Swim Life Fitness

Dr. Newton Jackson

Julian Wynter-Anderson – Swimmers Elite

Katrice Rodrigues – Afro Aquatics (UK)

Taj Omari – Empowered Swimming


Simone Manuel

Cullen Jones

Asleigh Johnson (Water Polo)

Alice Dearing

Lia Neal

Maritza McClendon

Reece Whitley

Giles Smith

Alia Atkinsin

Dr. Andrew Young

Enith Brigitha

Natalie Hinds

Jennifer Abel (Diver)

Nique Miller (Surfer)

Naji Ali

Sabir Muhammad


Black Girl Sunscreen

Swimma (South Africa)

Soul Cap (England & Wales)

Unsun Cosmetics

Alma Ocean

More Resources

The Joy of Aquatics Podcast


The Colors of Aquatics

A Diver Like Me

Prominent Figures

Carl Brashear (U.S. Navy)

Shirley Lee

Job Boards

USA Swimming

Swim Swam


Bluefish Jobs

Higher Ed Jobs


Aquatic Job Network

If there are any swim projects or businesses in your local community, that are black owned or that serve the black community and you think we should highlight them, please reach out to us via the contact page or at hi[at]blackinaquatics[dot]com.

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